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Jinxing is a full-service provider specializing in the design and manufacture of various valves and related components for aerosol manufacturers located all over the world. Founded in 1995 and never ceasing to evolve, Jinxing has developed into one of trusted leaders in the aerosol field. Today, our diverse product selection ranges from gas aerosol valves and household aerosol valves to industrial aerosol valves and car care aerosol valves. We offer parts that ensure the reliable performance and high efficiency of your product. So far, our good condition valves have been delivered to a vast number of clients both at home and abroad.

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    1. Yanshan Jinxing Aerosol Valve Manufacture Co.,LTD will attend the LATIN AMERICAN AEROSOL CONGRESS MEXICO 2017
      Date: 2017.09.20-09.22
      Booth No.: 28

Best-selling Products
    1. Nylon Stem Aerosol Valve for Gas Lighter Refill

      Manufactured in strict compliance with international standards, this type of nylon stem aerosol valve finds wide application on the gas lighter refill market.

    1. Portable Stove Gas Cartridge Aerosol Valve (with Cap)

      Portable Butane Gas Stove refers to the non-fixed household kitchen utensils, hotel supplies, outdoor recreational products, which can be used for direct heating of fuels such as butane gas and liquefied gas. It is used for household outdoor activities and hotel supplies.

    1. Aerosol Metering Valve

      1 Inch Aerosol Metering Valve, 1 Inch Metering Valve with Metal Stem, Metering Valve with Nylon Stem

    1. Aerosol Valve for Spray Paint

      Intended for spray paint, this fine quality aerosol valve is easy to operate.
      Paint spray valve covers a complete range of aerosol valves that can meet our customer's needs for high quality aerosol valves through a reliable strict inspection system. Any other requirments please contact us and the free samples will be sent for your test and selection.

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