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Gas Aerosol Valve

Aerosol Valve for Gas, Gas Valve, Gas Refill Aerosol Valve

1.Application picture

Usage: Gas aerosol valve is used to refill the gas into the lighter for the cigarette.

Types: 1) Plastic stem JX-2749
2) Metal stem 19mm JX-9858
3) Metal stem 21mm JX-9958
4) Metal stem 22.5mm JX-2931

Features: The lighter gas valve with longer metal stem refills faster into the lighter. It is featured by beautiful appearance and firmness.

4. Product Code
Product code Mounting cup Stem Housing
JX-2749 F2 A7 D9
JX-9858 F9 A8 D8
JX-9958 F9 A9 D8
JX-2931 F2 A9 D1

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