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Portable Stove Gas Cartridge Aerosol Valve with Cap

Portable Stove Valve with Cap, Camp Stove Valve with Cap, Portable Butane Stove Valve with Cap, Single Burner Camp Stove Valve with Cap

This kind of valve is the most widely applied product and obtained a patent.

Portable Butane Gas Stove refers to the non-fixed household kitchen utensils, hotel supplies, outdoor recreational products, which can be used for direct heating of fuels such as butane gas and liquefied gas. It is used for household outdoor activities and hotel supplies.
* Safety governor system
* Free handy carrying case
* Gas leak prevention system
* Excessive gas pressure sensing
* Portable and somke-free, it is ideal for indoor and outdoor use.

Product No.: JX-6647
Components Part No. Part Description
1. Mounting Cup 1-F6 Special mounting cup for portable gas stoves
2. Outer Gasket 1-G1 Buna
3. Inner Gasket 1-B4 Butyronitrile
4. Stem 1-A6 Special stem for portable gas stove
5. Spring 1-C1 Stainless steel
6. Housing 1-D7 Special housing for portable gas stove
Applicable: Portable gas stove

Remarks:This aerosol valve specification has been designed and developed for a particular formulation and spray Characteristic only ,Any change in propllants ,actives ,solvents,fragrances or any other product ingredient may make this valve non compatible or unsuitable .JX endeavors to provide the most appropriate aerosol valves to users,but has no responsibility and control over its final application. Users of this valve specification are responsible for testing its compatibility and suitability.

Jinxing Aerosol Vale Manufacturing Co.,Ltd was founded in 1995,which is a new-high tech enterprise that specialized in making all kind of aerosol valve. Portable Butane Gas Stove production yields up to 500,000 per day,every half hour to conduct a test, each one must test is non-leak. High quality, higher safety factor.

Our company's strengths
1. Stable quality with over 20years experience
2. Fast Delivery with 1.5 million production every day
3. Factory price
4. Exporting to over 50 Countries and areas
5. OEM Are Available
6. With a group of development Group and our own mould branch

The aerosol valve is designed and developed for specific formulation and spray characteristics. Any change in propellant, active powder, solvent, fragrance or any other ingredient may lead to inapplicability of the valve. We try our best to provide finest possible quality valves to customers, but we are not responsible for the final utilization and application of the valve. Thus, users are advised to test and inspect the compatibility and suitability of the valve before application.

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