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Aerosol Valve for Dashboard Wax Spray

Aerosol Valve for Dashboard Wax Spray, Valve for Dashboard Polish, Aerosol Valve for Cockpit Shine

Dashboard wax spray is a car care products, which is specially used for preventing the ageing of the dashboard wax and decoration in the car and keeping the surface bright as new.

Product Code
Product code Mounting cup Stem Housing
JX-2272 F2 A2 D2
JX-2172 F2 A1 D2
Components Part No. Part Description
1. Mounting Cup 1-F2 Plain tinplate ,with down dimple
2. Outer Gasket 1-G1 Buna
3. Inner Gasket 1-B7 Neoprene(N-205)
4. Stem 1-A1 Single Orifice 1x φ 0.020" (1x φ 0.51mm), original color
5. Spring 1-C1 Stainless steel
6. Housing 1-D2 Tail orifice ф 0.080", (¢2.00mm), original color
7. Dip Tube 1-E1 Standard, original color
Applicable: Dashboard wax spray, dashboard polish shiner, etc.

The aerosol valve is designed and developed for specific formulation and spray characteristics. Any change in propellant, active powder, solvent, fragrance or any other ingredient may lead to inapplicability of the valve. We try our best to provide finest possible quality valves to customers, but we are not responsible for the final utilization and application of the valve. Thus, users are advised to test and inspect the compatibility and suitability of the valve before application.

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